Only The Best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You

Pokemon Go Tips For Finding More & Better Pokemon

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm in a way that arguably no other video game ever has.   Our site has Only The Best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You!  This new app has brought many childhood dreams to life as people can now use their phone to capture Pokemon, but they can’t just sit and hammer away at a screen. They have to get up, walk, move, and explore their local neighborhood in order to find real life locations where different Pokemon are located. The social interaction this has caused is widespread, not to mention actually succeeding at a task everyone talks about but few manage to pull off: finding a way to make exercise fun.

Only The Best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You

However, games can still be competitive and they’re a lot more fun when you’re winning, right? While there isn’t so much of a win/loss setup with this particular game. There are dozens upon dozens of different Pokemon out there from the ever popular and common Squirtles to the far rarer and harder to find Stanks and Zortles. Most people will be able to find all the basic starting Pokemon but getting the more rare ones, that is much more difficult!

Understand The Signs
If you are looking for only the best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You, then you need to understand the signs!  There are many different signs that there are quality Pokemon nearby, and while the app is easy enough so anyone can find many different Pokemon throughout a region, it’s important to understand every little sign that gives off any indication that the area has some hidden Pokemon you want to catch – especially if it’s the rare ones. So read up and make sure you’re familiar with all of these!

Look For Rustling Grass
Rustling grass on a map isn’t a guarantee of a rare or special Pokemon, but it is an indication that those locations are more likely to have wild Pokemon wandering around. This means you can really level up quickly and cut down on your wait time by keeping an eye out for that rustling grass and increasing how often you search those areas instead of just wandering around blindly (although admittedly that is half the fun of this game).

Tips for Pokemon Go

Footprints In The Bottom Right
If you are looking for only the best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You, then find footprints in the bottom right!  The app shows a lot of information to help Pokemon hunters find the nearest ones. The footprints give an idea of how far away these Pokemon are. The numbers also indicate how many Pokemon are at each location. Three footprints means you still have some walking to do while one footprint means they’re right around the corner, so to speak. You will need to balance how many Pokemon are close by versus the far away location. Distance matters.

If you have 10 Pokemon located at a distance three footsteps away, that might be worth racing to even if you have one or two closer by. Footprints + grass equal a winning combination.

Have Plenty Of Poke Balls Ready
If you are looking for only the best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You then you need to have plenty of Poke Balls ready!  Your average Pokemon takes only one Poke Ball to capture. However, when you find a particularly rare, unusual, or exotic Pokemon you will also find that there’s a very good chance that you need two or more. The rarer and more unusual the Pokemon, the more Poke Balls it might take to capture. This is critical to understand because it also means that you can end up losing a high quality Pokemon if you aren’t properly prepared.

Always make sure you have enough Poke Balls ready in case you find a truly special one. You want to make sure you’ll be able to collect that special find!

Real World Time & Location Do Matter
Pokemon tend to be night or day or elementally based. This does translate over into real life when you are looking for certain types of Pokemon. Different types come out during the night that you can’t find during the day. You may also find water elemental based Pokemon by swimming pools, lakes, water parks, or other areas that tend to be near water.

The same goes for other types of Pokemon. You might not be near a volcano, but some places get really creative. That restaurant that specializes in “volcano hot ribs” might have lava based Pokemon while parks offer plenty with certain Pokemon around the trees and others in the wide open grass.

That’s a lot to keep in mind while going for a search, and if you have certain Pokemon in mind then you need to think about the where and when. For example, if you are looking for traditionally spooky nighttime Pokemon like the Haunter or the Golbat then you may find yourself getting up late around midnight in order to find them when they actually come out “in the real world.”

Look At Module Upgrades
If you are looking for only the best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You then you need to look at Module Upgrades!  When it comes to catching Pokemon quickly and leveling up your collection, getting certain little module bonuses can make a huge difference. An incense pot makes you appear irresistible to most Pokemon in the immediate vicinity and can make it much easier to gather them in mass. In addition to this, there are lures that many businesses grab to lure a wide number of Pokemon to their location so look for businesses that have taken advantage of this and head to those locations to find more Pokemon in a small area to capture and take advantage of.

In Conclusion
As you can see, if you are looking for only the best Pokemon Go Tips, Clues and News for You, then this website is for you!  Pokemon Go is one of those rare games that is fantastic because it truly is more about the experience. Having fun, getting exercise, exploring the world and local neighborhood with strangers, bonding – all of this as opposed to a straight win-loss proposition that so many other games are based around.

There are so many Pokemon around the wide world, but why just settle for some basic Pokemon that you can capture 20 or 30 of when there is a world full of rare Pokemon like Bluurkins, Hoobledies, Merp-Merps, and other extremely rare ones that you can also capture to really make your collection stick out? Follow these tips and you will be more likely to load up with an array of rare and special Pokemon that will truly make your collection stick out.

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